POWERLED INDONESIA is an Authorized Sole Distributor and Manufacturer's Representative which supply all LED product "POWERLED" in Indonesia. POWERLED provides the limited warranty to all costumers who purchase POWERLED products in Indonesia. All warranty periods depends on the sales contract which agreed by both parties.

- The standard warranty period is valid for 2 (two ) years from the date of invoice.
- In case of repair or replacement of the product after approved claim, The remainder of the orginal warranty period applicable (Warranty period will not be extended or customized of changed )
- The warranty period depends on demand of customer

- If any product covered by this limited warranty is returned by Customer because of failed product of defective product, POWERLED will replace of repair the product. If POWERLED's part is not available of has been discontinued, POWERLED will replace the product with a comparable product (that can show small deviations in design and product specification)
- Distributor POWERLED of Authorized Dealers have right to replace, repair the products on behalf of POWERLED in any matter
-The limited warranty will apply when the product has been properly wired, installed and operated within the electrical values, normal use, operating range, environmental conditions provided in the specification, application guidelines, IEC standards, or any other document enclosed with the product. If the product is found to be defective of not accodance with product's specification. Customer must notify POWERLED in writing.
- Where a warranty claim is justified, there will be no charge for this customer (Except the installation cost).

- Make sure the defective product is still covered by warranty
- The Purchase Invoice is available for inspection by POWERLED
- Record List of operating history is available for inspection by POWERLED
- Our Distributor or Authorized Dealer will have access to handle the defective products
- Give detailed problem description of the defective or failed product
- Installation cost is not covered under this warranty
- POWERLED will pay for freight expenses if a warranty claim is justified. POWERLED may change the freight expenses to customer
for returned product that are not found to be defective.
- Warranty claims have to be reported and returned to the customer soon after replacement or repairmen.

The limited warranty will not apply if:
- The Product warranty period has expired
- Customer change or replace the parts of the product without approval from POWERLED
- The product isn't properly installed and operated in accordance with instruction given by POWERLED
- Warranty label of the product has been lost and damaged.
- POWERLED is not responsible for electrical supply conditions including over-voltage, under-voltage and ripple current control systems that are beyond the specified limits of the products
- This warranty doesn't apply if damage of product is not caused by natural disasters or abnormal use, error installation, earthquakes, flood, a fire or windstrom, etc